From waste to wearable art

Growing up around waste management, twin sisters Lindsay and Alexandra Lorusso discovered the true damage of our "throw-away" nature - a problem that their father tries to tackle with one of Canada's largest private companies. With Wasteco as an example in front of them, they set out on their own mission to help reduce our environmental impact.


Alexandra Lorusso

The co-founder of Nudnik and creative mastermind behind our captivating visual identity! With a background in fashion merchandising, Alexandra weaves compelling narratives through her designs, showcasing Nudnik's unwavering commitment to eco-consciousness. Her creations tell stories of sustainability and innovation that deeply resonate with cool parents like you. Alexandra's boundless creativity and passion for sustainable fashion have established Nudnik as an industry leader.

Lindsay Lorusso

The unstoppable CEO and co-founder of Nudnik! With 20 years of waste management experience, Lindsay is a true trailblazer for sustainable business in Canada. She believes waste is the ultimate resource and upcycling is the cool new form of recycling! Lindsay's passion for sustainability and innovation drives Nudnik's mission to transform textile waste into wearable art. Her visionary leadership and tech expertise have positioned Nudnik as a pioneer in sustainable fashion.


Founders x2

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