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Textile production contributes more to climate change than international aviation and shipping combined.

Upcycling is less wasteful than recycling. At Nudnik, we use waste as is, without reprocessing it and wasting even more precious resources like water and energy.

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Nudnik engineers it's 'Future-Proof' kidswear from discarded fabric scraps that would otherwise pollute the planet.

Since launching in Toronto, Canada in late 2016, Nudnik has been making headlines throughout North America and Europe with their brand of 'FUTURE-PROOF' kidswear that's wrapped and shipped in zero-waste packaging.

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"At Nudnik, we truly believe waste is the greatest resource of our time"

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We're on a mission to create clothing that not only combats the growing global waste problem, but actively seeks to help solve it.

Twin co-founders Alexandra and Lindsay Lorusso grew up in the waste management industry - their father co-owns one of Canada’s largest privately-owned companies, Wasteco - and it's working for him where they began to understand the impact we have on our planet as a result of our “throw-away” culture.

What type of textile waste does Nudnik use?

We use organic cotton pre-consumer textile waste which is generated during the manufacturing of apparel. There are enough of these discarded fabric scraps generated annually to give every person on earth 6 adult sized t-shirts. That's astronomical! We work in partnership to divert this waste from landfill and instead transform it into Nudnik!

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