Meet the twins

Together, we are creating 'Future-Proof Kidswear' entirely from pre-consumer textile waste.

Nudnik is pioneering circularity within the fashion industry.

After working a collective 20+ years for Wasteco, a waste management company co-owned by their father, twin sisters Lindsay & Alex Lorusso started seeing, firsthand, the astronomical volumes of textiles polluting our landfills. A think tank (of sorts!) was created, dedicated to challenging this large, global problem. A resulting business case quickly evolved and it became Nudnik's steadfast mission to clean up one of the dirtiest industries to date: Fashion.

Twinpreneurs and waste chasers on a mission to disrupt a 3 trillion dollar industry!

"From a very young age we learned how to collect, sort and process waste. As we got older, we realized how big of a problem waste has become because of over-consumption and the mixing of materials. The waste we produce today is very difficult to recycle and our landfills are filling up. At Nudnik, we reimagine waste because we truly believe it's the greatest resource of our time. Our products are not only made entirely from waste but they wont end up as waste either!"

We don't have suppliers, we have partners.

Sustainability isn't just about the products, it's also about the people who make them! Our factory partners are GOTS, OKEO-TEX, SA-8000, FAIRTRADE and UPMADE certified. These certifications ensure that our products are made from safe, sustainable fabrics (in our case, pre-consumer waste!) and also that the people who make them are treated properly and paid fairly.

The voice of Nudnik comes from our robust and growing community of real families and their quest to live more sustainably.

Our growing community is vocal about what they want. Kids want fun, comfortable and colourful clothing and their parents (and gift givers!) want to showcase their values through the products they buy and the brands they support. Nudnik aims to satisfy both groups by creating stylish products made entirely from waste that will never end up as waste.

From our customers


Love it! Fantastic small company creating eco friendly kids’s clothes out of pre-consumer fabric scrap. Adorable and good for planet earth. What’s not to love?!

Polliwogs & Petunias
Easton, PA

Everything I ordered was perfect!

Trendy Tots
Winnipeg, MB

I just received the order and couldn’t wait to let you guys know that this line is absolutely incredible! Beautifully constructed, great designs and if there is a softer word than soft, it would apply here. These are so perfect for comfortable all day wear. Kudos to you!

Lassies and Laddies Boutique
Roscoe, IL

Love the material and their so fun and different!


Once you start, you wont be able to stop scooping up the newest colors!

Drake General Store
Toronto, ON

I highly recommend Nudnik for quality children's clothing with the earth in mind. Each piece is well made, soft and so fun for kids to wear. I'm proud to have Nudnik on my page!

Reloved Living Shop
Grimsby, ON

moo like a monkey

An award winning kids shop in Kent, UK

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Retail partners


Faire offers fantastic terms and incentives. If you already have a Faire account, you can shop via our direct link here.

If you wholesale through us directly you may be privy to more styles then we list on Faire.

When you wholesale directly from us, we calculate shipping after we've fulfilled your order. We get preferred rates outside of Shopify. Once the total is calculated, we will send you an easy link to pay the shipping. Your order will then be sent out to you, arriving typically within 3-5 business days.

We don't accept all applicants for wholesale. Nudnik partners with retailers who share similar values and ethos.

Applications are processed within 1-3 business days.

We are here to help! Because our clothing is made entirely out of pre-consumer textile waste, we can't always guarantee that you'll get the sizes you want in the colourways you love. The good news is that our in-house team is incredible at putting together knockout assortments based on current inventory! Just drop us a line!

Yes we do!

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