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Everyday basics without everyday waste.


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Questions and Answers

  • What type of waste is your clothing made from?

    We use organic cotton off/cut fabrics that would have otherwise ended up in landfill.

    This is categorized as pre-consumer textile waste which is created during the manufacturing of new clothing. These fabric scraps have never been used making them ideal for kidswear!

    The fashion industry generates enough off/cut fabrics to give every person on earth 6x adult sized t-shirts... every year!


  • Do you produce your clothing ethically?


    We believe that in order to be a sustainable brand we have to be both considerate of the environment AND the people making our clothing!

    Our manufacturing partners are Kishor Exports in India. They are SA-8000, GOTS, FAIRTRADE, OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 and UPMADE certified.

  • Is your packaging also zero waste?

    Yes it is!

    Our hangtags are FSC certified meaning they are made entirely from recycled paper. They are non-coated and printed with toxic-free inks.

    Our garment bags are 100% compostable and our shipping bags are made entirely from 100% recycled kraft paper.

    Our clothing AND packaging are fully compostable!