Future-proof kidswear

11 core principles for fashion that doesn't harm our people, or our planet.

Trash Talk

Although we may be ‘waste chasers’, we’re not dumpster divers! Our fabric ‘scraps’ aren’t dirty. Infact, they’ve never been used or worn at all! We collaborate with major retail manufacturers to intercept their cutting waste before it hits landfill and pollutes our planet. - And just how much cutting waste is there? Enough to give every person on our planet 6 new t-shirts, every year! Yep.

Innovative Design

All Nudnik garments are engineered to design out waste. Each pattern is purposefully constructed to incorporate the most scraps, diverting as much textile waste from pollution as possible.

Purchase Power

We want parents to feel empowered by their purchases and offer an affordable alternative to fast fashion. One that's actually reversing the damage we’re doing to the planet our kids will inherit.

Eco-Friendly Inks

All NUDNIK screenprints and tags use eco-friendly inks and dyes free from chemicals, plastics, fragrances and bleaches.


Every inch of NUDNIK garments are constructed using only organic cotton fibres. That includes the waistbands, threads, trims and tags - making them 100% compostable. Once a piece has been worn out, just cut it up into small pieces and place into the compost bin!

Zero Water

It takes 2700 litres of water to manufacture ONE fast fashion t shirt - the equivalent of the drinking water one person consumes over 3 years! Rest assured, the Nudnik process uses ZERO. We’re all about protecting those precious resources!

Ethical Manufacturing

Nudniks manufacturing partners over at Kishor Exports are not only wizards, but GOTS, FAIRTRADE, UPMADE, OEKO-TEX and SA 8000 certified. Our collaborative efforts to reduce waste and create products for good are ones we’re extremely proud of, and make us excited for the future and the endless opportunities!

Ultimate Comfort

All Nudnik garments are designed to live everyday adventures in! Modern basics with a comfy, relaxed fit, designed for extended wear and effortless play!


Nudnik is a brand made for the next generation of leaders, game-changers and forward-thinkers! It was born out of a love for our planet and the wellbeing of all its inhabitants. Free from exclusion of any kind.

Organic Cotton

All NUDNIK products are made from 100% organic cotton fabric scraps. Organic cotton is grown organically from non-genetically modified plants without the use of any irritating chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides.

Zero Waste Packaging

Wouldn’t it be silly to package our garments made from waste, in waste? We source only biodegradable and recyclable materials for all our packaging needs. Right down to the eco-mailers we ship in!