Sisters on a Mission

Nudnik was started by twin sisters Alexandra and Lindsay Lorusso initially as a circular economy think tank. After working a collective 20 years for a waste management company co-owned by their father, they kept running into clients asking for better solutions to handle their textile waste - and there just weren't any.

After starting to research potential solutions, they soon realized this isn't just a local issue, but a global one. The fashion industry is now the second largest global polluter, and they created Nudnik as a solution to the rising textile waste epidemic. 

Scaling products made entirely from materials saved from landfill was no easy feat, and after the better half of four years they're proud to say it's possible!

"Our mission is a simple one: to make products from waste that never contribute to waste and do our part to shape a future that enables our children and planet to thrive." 

The July, 2019 launch of Nudnik's 'Disruptor' tee has garnered a ton of organic press and support from around the country, giving the twins major momentum to continue creating more products made from waste and contributing to conversations about circular design.

The Twins linked up with The Globe & Mail and Volvo to tell their story: