Our Little Nudniks

nud·nik /ˈno͝odnik/ noun
A persistent, inquisitive rascal; a disruptor.
Often asking a million questions
and challenging the status quo.

We seek to create a platform that inspires families to consider new possibilities: in the way we bond, the way we consider the environment, and the way we instill values in our little ones.

Our little Nudniks reimagine the potential of the world around them with ingenuity and adventure. They are free to use play, wonder, and curiosity to challenge conventions and to find innovative solutions for the world they are growing in to.

We encourage them to ask a million questions and break the rules only to rebuild them in a better way. We want to raise this next generation of game-changers, leaders and innovators to be aware, resilient and most of all, empowered.