We understand thinking about the future can be scary, and yes, climate change is real, but we want to encourage families and children to look ahead with hope and excitement! We got this!

We can collectively move past our eco-anxiety by simply starting to make easy changes to our everyday lives that will ensure a better tomorrow. 

Our children are looking at us to lead by example. It's up to us to begin rejigging our routines with practices that are protecting the planet they'll inherit. 

The tiniest adjustments truly make a world of difference, and there are so many eco alternatives to everyday products emerging that are making change a no brainer! It really all comes down to choice. Our choices define us, they empower us, and they're the catalyst of positive change! Opting for green household products vs chemicals, wrapping our leftovers in beeswax sheets over plastic, avoiding single use plastics as much as we can, and making it new habit to pack our own shopping bags and reusable coffee cups.

The disposable world we've become accustomed to is no longer sustainable, and as quickly as we start using our purchasing power for good, the sooner the most wasteful industries will be forced to catch up!

So as parents, and caregivers, and role models, let's come together and do this! Let's make lifestyle choices our kids can be proud of and inspire other families in our communities to join the movement!