What is a Nudnik?

A Nudnik is defined as a little rascal or pest, however, we look at the term affectionately. We encourage the kids who ask a million questions, the ones who break the rules only to rebuild them in a better way and the ones who aren't afraid to stand out in a crowd. This is OUR tribe!

What are off-cut fabrics?

Off-cut fabrics are a form of textile waste that is a byproduct of apparel manufacturing. When fabric is cut to make clothing, gaps are left between laid pattern pieces and these scraps become "off-cuts" and are typically either landfilled or burned.

Who is behind Nudnik?

Twin sisters, Lindsay & Alex Lorusso, co-founded Nudnik after spending a collective 20+ years working for Wasteco, a company their father co-owns in Toronto, CA. They are super passionate about waste diversion, recycling innovations and the circular economy! They were inspired to do something about the growing global textile waste epidemic and Lindsay's young children, Hunter and Apollo.