The Nudnik Way

In our effort to reduce textile waste going to landfill, we've teamed up with our manufacturing partners and isolated cutting waste as our material of choice. 

We may be ‘waste chasers’, but we aren’t dumpster divers! Don't get confused! All 'waste' isn't necessarily dirty! Trust us, tons of materials that get shipped off to landfill or burned have never been worn. 

Our products are made from clean, unused, pre-consumer scraps that are 100% organic cotton, and our designs are engineered to best utilize that waste. 

At Nudnik, we believe there is such an abundance of materials cut out during major manufacturing, and it's our mission to repurpose that and give it new life. 

Not only to we make our products from materials that would otherwise pollute the planet, we want to ensure our stuff never enters a similar fate. We've chosen to be 100% unisex and even created a secondary marketplace to make sharing and passing on our products easy when our customers kiddos outgrown them!

We also make each of our products from one natural fibre at a time ('monomaterial'), which allows our products to naturally decompose when their life is done, and be free of harmful plastics and chemicals.

As for packaging, you won't see us buying into the whole elaborate 'instagram reveal', because well, that would be counter intuitive! All our tags, labels and shipping mailers are 100% made from recycled materials and 100% recyclable. 

You can always be rest assured that with any Nudnik product you are diverting from waste, and not contributing anything to it either!