Hi Nudniks,

After spending a collective 20+ years innovating in the waste management industry and getting a hard look behind the scenes, we felt compelled to create a brand focused exclusively on solving fashion's dirtiest problem: waste.

In a single year, the fashion industry produces an estimated 92 million tons of textile waste, every second the equivalent to a garbage truck of textiles gets dumped in landfill, and we trash enough clothing each year as Canadians to create a mountain three times the size of the Rogers Centre stadium. 

And of all the clothing we consume, 85% of that ends up in landfill. It's actually insane, and it needs to change. We know that as consumers now, and the big fast fashion players unfortunately, realize it all too well.  

It takes a big dose of innovation to change a huge problem, and as an emerging startup with a big impact mission, we are ready for the challenge! 

There are many streams of waste, and when it comes to fashion. When we first started testing products made from waste, Toronto became our test ground. Sourcing a mix of pre-consumer and post-consumer textile waste, deconstructing it, and repurposing it into small capsule collections depending on what the waste source yielded. It was very fractured. 

We knew we needed to scale, and that meant finding a large enough waste stream to achieve that. We started to think bigger and that led us to the source: overseas apparel manufacturers.

These are the factories supplying the global demand for 'fast fashion' and their waste is atrocious! 

After auditing their production, and coming up with diversion strategies, we identified 'cutting waste' as the place to start.

Cutting waste is all the scrap fabrics and off/cuts that fall to the wayside during retail manufacturing. Perfectly good materials just cast away and destined for the dump. 

To realize just how large this form of waste is, there is enough of this cutting waste to give every human on earth six adult size t-shirts yearly. In fact, 15% of all fabrics used to make our clothing ends up landfilled or burned. 

By saving and repurposing these materials, both us and our manufacturing partners can feel good about the clothing we're creating. We can see the impact and the problem we are solving each time we look at one of our t-shirts! Knowing ALL of those fabrics, trims and threads were headed to landfill, we truly feel like we are cleaning up the planet for our children!


Brave Regards,