Package With Purpose - An Upcyclers Guide to Gift Wrap!

Package With Purpose - An Upcyclers Guide to Gift Wrap!

Nudnik co-founder, Alexandra, gives us tips on gift wrapping this holiday season using things you can find around your home!

Ok, here’s the thing. I appreciate the surprise of a good gift unveiling as much as the next giver/receiver, but, do you actually know just how wasteful the gift wrapping industry is?

On average, Canadians produce 25% more garbage during the holiday season. That’s 3,000 tonnes of foil, 2.6 billion greeting cards, 27.8 million natural Christmas trees, 7.3 million artificial trees, 6 million rolls of tape and 250,000 tonnes of plastic packaging!

Yeah, mindboggling...

Let’s drill that home, shall we?

Wrapping paper alone accounts for approximately 50,000 trees, the 38,000 miles of ribbon could tie a big shiny red bow around the whole planet, and those 2.6 billion Christmas cards could fill an entire football field 10 stories high!

Feast on that for a moment. 

So, what can you do this holiday season to help reduce trash while saving some cash?

Why, upcycle, of course! 

Here are some ideas to get you rooting through your own homes to perfectly package presents that are just that much more thoughtful! 

  1. Old newspaper, junk mail and Magazines 

  2. Old road maps

  3. Old t-shirts, flannel, jeans etc.

  4. Old wallpaper 

  5. Music sheets and old book pages 

  6. Cereal, food and shoe boxes 

Get creative and help save the planet this holiday season, one pretty present at a time! Don't forget to share using #packagewithpurpose with @littlenudniks.

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